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Quality policy

Efadco Petroleum Services Co. operates an approved Quality Management System that has gained the following certifications:

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General Overview

Efadco Petroleum Services Co. was established as a free zone in Egypt for the purpose of hiring Drilling Rigs, Supply & Support Vessels to the offshore drilling operations, Downhole Tools and Machine Shop. .

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Our Succsess

Our combined assets, vast experience in project management and immaculate success ...

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Our strategy

Efadco Petroleum Services Co. aims at maintaining its competitive edge as a domestic leading company and opening up new markets at neighboring countries.

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Our Rigs

1500 HP ACVFD Rig

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1500 HP ACVFD Rig

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2000 HP AC/VFD Rig

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1500 HP AC/VFD Rig

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Our services Lasted News

  • In February, Efadco signed a contract with BAPETCO

    In February, Efadco signed a contract with BADR Petroleum Company, for the downhole tools to work in Western Desert.

  • In January, Rig 113 started a new contract

    In January, Rig 113 started working for El Hamra in Alamien.

  • In March, Efadco signed a contract with Khalda

    In March, Efadco signed a contract with Khalda Petroleum Company for drilling jars.

  • In May, Rig 111 started a new contract

    In May, Rig 111 started working for Odin Energy Oman Limited In Sultanate of Oman.

  • Scope of Work
  • Drilling
  • Downhole Tools
  • Marine
  • Machine Shop

Efadco provides a state-of-art integrated technology including rental, support and consulting services worldwide. Also, we offer an extensive range of consulting services. Our capabilities, expertise and practical experience include:



      1. Rental of Land Drilling Rigs

              •2000 HP AC/VDF with top drive
              • 1500 HP AC/VDF with top drive

      2. Rental of work-over & pulling units

              • 1500 HP truck-mounted
              • 1500 HP truck-mounted


      1. Downhole Tools

             • Drilling Jars
             • Shock Subs
             • IB. Stabilizers
             • Roller Reamers
             • Rental of Drill Pipes & Tubing

     2. Supply of Casing, Tubing & Seamless pipes

     3. Offshore Baskets

     4. Rental of Rotating & Non-Rotating Scraper


      1. AHTS

      2. Tub Boats

      3. Tankers

      4. P.S.V.

      5. Snubbing Units

      6. Jack up Barge


     1. Cut & rethread of API threads

     2. Crossover manufacturing

     3. Offshore baskets manufacturing 

     4. Redressing & Carbide welding

     5. Assembling and Disassembling jars & motors

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Efadco owns and operates Land Drilling Rigs. We provide advanced drilling services and solutions for the oil and gas sector in Egypt and we are expanding in the Middle East and Africa.

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Efadco owns a variety of downhole drilling tools to serve all kind of drilling operations. Our long and rich history in this service is illustrated in our great market share. The company has the latest technology in the service of Hydraulic drilling jars supported by the most famous manufacture in the world. Oil tools IB. Stabilizers have proven great durability and efficiency in the Egyptian market through Efadco's operations. Oiltools Roller Reamers also have been introduced to the Egyptian market through Efadco's operations.


Downhole Tools

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Efadco prides itself by being one of the leading companies in the field of offshore support vessels in Egypt, for the last 3 years. We are providing major and national oil & gas companies worldwide: BG, BP, ENI, Petrobel, Burullus, GSP, with various types of AHTS, PSV, ERRV, Jack-up Barage, Tankers, Tug Boats & Snubbing Units. Also, Efadco is able to provide best-value solution to the operator with a highly experienced team whose safety culture and quality of work is world class.



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Efadco Petroleum Services Co.'s facilities include a 3,500m² workshop in the free zone of Suez City, a 3,800m² workshop in the industrial area of Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo as well as a 10,200m² yard in New Cairo. Our machine shop is equipped with state of the art technology and equipment to offer quality service at the most affordable cost. With a complete CNC machine and cylinder head flow bench, as well as a dynamic balancer set up for crank shafts, we provide an array of machine shop work from valve jobs and porting to case boring and lightening, and everything in between. 


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